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Cydia is one of the most popular third-party app stores which has a unique power of offering a vast choice of iOS apps, tweaks and more. It is the first un-official app store for iOS users which contains apps, themes, mods, tweaks, ringtones not available in Apple app store.

If you are an Apple user, then you are not guest to its restrictions and limitations over the third-party apps. Simply you cannot get the access to the root level for the apps on your iDevice. Since these apps have root access they have advanced, unique features. So it is important for you to get those apps on your device.

Can Cydia Download For Free?

Jailbreak was the first solution to avoid Apple restrictions because, after jailbreaking, it allows to download Cydia on your iDevice.

The brain behind this amazing third-party app store is Jay Freeman also known as Saurik. As mentioned before Cydia has many useful apps, themes, tweaks for iOS users. Cydia access you to all the restricted third-party apps.

You are able to gain root access after jailbreaking and downloading Cydia on your iOS device. Previously, jailbreak is the only solution to download Cydia free store on your device but today you can download Cydia with or without jailbreaking iDevices.

There are many developers who develope jailbreak tools for iOS devices. If you are still looking to download Cydia free with jailbreaking, then get the jailbreak tools that are compatible with your device's iOS version.

You will have to check the iOS version before installing Cydia into your device. But you shouldn't worry anymore, because Cydia Elite is almost compatible with any iOS version you are using, from iOS 6 to latest iOS 13.1 Beta.

Anyway, if you are a newbie to the iOS family or jailbreak world, then you can easily download Cydia free application from here. This is totally free of charge so, get the best Cydia experience.

Is Cydia Secure to Download?

More power comes with more responsibility. And here with jailbreak you take some risk at you since you are breaking through all stock restrictions taking the complete control of the system. And if it comes to the question whether it is legal, I must say “yes” but only in USA. But remember that it is not a harmful thing that disturbs your operating system. In fact, jailbreaking is a decision to take by you if you do value the benefits and ready taking the process with good caution. But remember, jailbreak void the company warranty soon once you are processed. So before making your decision, make sure you are aware of all conditions with jailbreaking and Cydia installer download.

Main Features of Cydia App Store

  • The first amazing feature of Cydia is it allows users to customize their iDevice anyway they need. There are more than thousand of options to do that with unique themes, tweaks, apps available on it.
  • It has a number of those special apps which are not freely available with Apple app store.
  • It contains tweaks and modification which is able to use to change and modify the iOS look.
  • Device control center customization.
  • There are tweaks which stop unwanted apps and background service, this will help to improve battery life.
  • Third-party themes allow customizing background and app icons.
  • You are able to download Youtube songs and videos into your local store.
  • Protect privacy by hiding important apps
  • Device cleaning tweaks improve device storage.
  • Customized notifications
  • Available game hacks with tweaks
  • Choice of modified apps and games
  • Ability to add new functionality to standard iOS version

These are the features you will get after downloading Cydia. Cydia Installer has many unique features apps, themes, games, tweaks to download. And the best part is all of these amazing stuff can get from Cydia free version.

How to Download Cydia Free Version?

Cydia Elite is the best Cydia simulator available right now. Follow the below steps to get this wonderful stuff into your Apple device.

  • Step 01: Use Safari browser to visit (If you're using Chrome or any other browser, it may not give the best jailbreak features)
  • Step 02: Find the "Cydia Download" button and click on it. At this moment the Cydia Elite installer will check device version and iOS version compatibility.
  • Step 03: When your device version and iOS version is compatible for Cydia download, it will allow installing. When "install Cydia" button appears click on it.
  • Step 04: Next press the "Add to Home screen" button after installing Cydia process.
  • Step 05: The installation process will automatically take you to the Setting section on your Apple device. You will see the " Install" button from the top of the corner. Click on it.
  • Step 06: After that, you will require to enter the passcode. Here you shouldn't worry about entering the passcode, because you are 100% safe here.
  • After a few seconds check your Home Screen to find Cydia free icon.

Is Jailbreaking safe?

Many Cydia users wondering if jailbreak is unsafe to use. That is because they believe that after jailbreaking, they will unable to revert the device back to normal version. But that's not true.

If you have any doubt about jailbreak, Cydia Elite has the best solution for that. It will allow you to install Cydia free application without jailbreak your iPhone. If you feel like you won't need Cydia after installing it, you can uninstall it without doing any harm to the device.

Anyway, you should be careful with fake jailbreak tools out there. There are more fake jailbreak tools which offer you to install Cydia for free but in reality, it won't help you to get anything but doing harm to your devices.

If you are already jailbroken and need to unjailbreak, then just update to the next available iOS version, simply device will not jailbreak anymore.

How To Remove Cydia

Remove Cydia is not as hard as the download process. The tool call Cydia impactor, also known as Cydia eraser will allow deleting Cydia from your device. The tool is made by the same developer who developed Cydia, Jay freeman. The best thing about Cydia eraser is it allows to remove Cydia without updating to the latest version.

Latest Cydia Updates

Cydia for iOS 13

Apple's latest 13th major iOS update has already released to the public iPhone and iPod touch users. There will be no more iOS updates to the iPads because Apple has decided to run iPadOS on iPad devices. However, iOS 13 comes with many new features alongside dark mode, snoozing notifications, emoji search bar, standardized undo gesture and more.

Since Cydia fans are always looking for new updates, we decided to give you the best Cydia experience for the latest iOS version as well. Cydia Elite has been updated to the latest version which means you will be able to download Cydia for iOS 13 on your Apple device.

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