iOS 13 Jailbreak

The next major update of Apple is released. iOS 13 is remarkable with many new improvements and advanced features. If you are an iOS users then get ready to experience these new features and improvements with this update.

The most turning point of the 13th iOS update is speed and optimization improvements. This major update leads to the Apple device's speed never before.

iOS 13 Jailbreak Possibilities

What is iOS jailbreak? It is the process that gaining root access to the iOS operating system. Simply it is the only process that allows Apple users to install third-party applications, unavailable at the official app store.

Still there is no proper evidence on iOS 13 jailbreak. But there are rumors and news about some successful jailbreak abilities to jailbreak iOS 13. And here is the currents status of the new iOS 13 jailbreak.

Cydia Elite Installer

Cydia Elite offers you online jailbreak toolkit to follow. This has the capability to jailbreak al the previous and upcoming iOS versions and install Cydia without any barriers. So the tool supports to iOS 13 jailbreak and downloads Cydia on your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch devices. Since Cydia Elite works as an online jailbreak tool, you won't require to install any specific apps, just visit Cydia Elite official web page trough the Safari browser and follow its guide and instructions for get Cydia iOS 13.

Unc0ver Jailbreak

Are you familiar with @Pwn20wnd on Twitter? Well, he has mentioned the possibilities to jailbreak iOS 13 Beta version and install Cydia.


The very first person who exploits iOS 13 beta 1 is iBSparks. Together with Luca Todesco, there will be news for 13 iOS version sooner. The previous Meridian jailbreak was developed by this iBSparks. So he is not new to the jailbreak community, but we can have some hopes with his works.

Download Cydia for iOS 13

Now you are able to download Cydia for iOS 13 from here.

Device Compatibility

This iOS update has designed to compatible with these models only. Apple decided to avoid A8 chip and earlier devices which running 1GB of RAM. And the new version won't support 6th Generation iPod touch and iPhone 5S as well.

13th is compatible with up to iPhone 6S or later, iPad Air 2 or later. So this means, if you have an old phone like iPhone 6 or below version, you won't be able to get the new update. So you will have to use iOS 12 for the rest of your iPhone time.

Main Features Comes with 13

Dark Mode

Many of us just love this amazing feature. What this simply does is it exchanges it's light colors to dark mode in particular situations. Also if you love dark interface you can just use it every day. The color is more pleasant specially at night. The third-party apps you are using can also adapt to this new interface. So this new update is a lot to do with dark mode fan.

Camera and Photo editing tools

There are many new improvements and features with new iOS13 camera app. For the portrait lightening mode, newly introduced high key Mono effect is available. And there are new image editing tools with its own image-editor.

You are able to take photos 15 different ways including highlights, tweaking, shadows, and contrast. These editors also work for videos as well.


With the new update, even your keyboard becomes more easy and simple to use with swiping up. So literally there is no tap but just swipe. And this will take some time for you to get used, but with the time you will get used to this finger's movement.

Battery life

Lifetime improved battery life. But this doesn't mean time between chargers.


There is a new version of Memoji with add make-up features and lots to try. And these Memojis will be appear on the keyboard with other emojis. The Memoji editor works with device with A9 chip or upper version only.


With the new update, Homekit also appears with new features. There are security and performance improvements with this new version.

  • You are able to upload videos to the cloud and the improved Homekit allow you to analyze the video process within your device.
  • You can upload Home security videos to iCloud and this is an improved security advantage for users.
  • And the most important one is these video files won't count on iCloud storage.

Cydia for iOS 13

Cydia installer is the only available third-party app store for iOS users which allow installing third-party apps, themes, mods, games, ringtones, and more. There are many advanced features and performances in this amazing third-party app store to customize your device unique way.

Since 13 is spreading all around, Cydia for iOS 13 is big news to all Cydia and jailbreak lovers because this is a massive update of all. No matter what updates happen, a true Cydia user will never stop searching for download Cydia. So if your next step is to update your iOS device with the 13th update, stay with Cydia Elite team to get jailbreak and Cydia download toolkit for the latest 13 version.

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